More computer viruses ?

Oh dear … or as they say in these parts Ooh la la, la la la la la la ! Once again we seem to have hit the season for virus warnings.
This morning I was one of over 50 people who had been circulated with an e-mail warning of “the most destructive virus ever”; one that would do unmentionable things to my hard disk etc. etc. – and I was being encouraged to send this e-mail on to as many people as possible. From the “cc” section on the e-mail I guess several thousand other people had had the same one today. You get these warnings and requests too ?
The first thing I do, whenever I receive one, is to go straight to the McAfee web site where there is a section called “Virus Information”. And there, as I had suspected, I learned the warning is a hoax. There I found the wording of the e-mail I had received, reproduced almost word for word: There is no such virus at all.
The McAfee “Virus Information” pages, which are kept bang up to date, are there for all to see; you don’t have to pay anything; they are free. Simply go to
Every time I receive one of these e-mails I ask myself – “why has somebody written this nonsense ?” and more to the point “why have all these people fallen for it ?”
Circulating warnings of hoaxes does nothing except clog up the Internet and slow down legitimate e-mails. Maybe that’s the intention of the people who start them. I just don’t know. But next time you receive one, PLEASE check the McAfee site first.

Time now to climb down off my soapbox for today …. !