Services Provided

Pre-purchase surveys of French property

Ian Morris offers the following options:

A detailed survey with a bespoke dictated report – tailored to suit properties in France. A verbal report is given by telephone shortly after the survey has been undertaken. A copy of the completed written report is then sent by email, and a printed and signed copy of the report is sent by post (view an extract PDF).


The same, detailed, survey with a verbal report shortly after the survey has been undertaken; no written report is provided so this service is less expensive.

Fixed fees for pre-purchase surveys are always quoted in advance. See Frequently Asked Questions 


Accepting a new building

If you are buying a newly built house, and are being asked to sign an acceptance document, Ian Morris will accompany you on the “handover” appointment to see that everything is as it should be; he will discuss any relevant items with the builder on your behalf and will, if required, produce a “snagging list” in French. A “fixed fee” for this service can normally be quoted in advance.

Diagnosis of building problems

If you are worried about one particular thing, or just one or two items, in the house you are about to buy (or in the house you already occupy) Ian Morris will investigate. The advice he gives will be based on a lifetime’s experience of delving into all manner of building problems: This is sometimes referred to as forensic building surveying. A “fixed fee” for this service is quoted in advance wherever possible.

Advice on future alterations, building repairs and maintenance

Ian Morris is able to advise not only in his capacity as a professional building surveyor but also as the owner/occupier of a French house for over 20 years. The old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” is particularly appropriate in the case of buildings; a small problem not dealt with promptly could develop into a big problem proving much more expensive.

Vendors’ surveys

If you’re selling a property in France Ian Morris will carry out a “pre-purchase” type survey and provide you with a report highlighting items such as outstanding maintenance, that could be dealt with before selling – with a view to enhancing the sale price.

Buying a House in France