“the things they say” …

(a few unsolicited comments from former clients)

“I appreciate your prompt response to our need for a survey report. I found your document informative and easy to digest”. S.R.

“May we take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with such an excellent service which helped us make up our minds about the viability of this property as a family home”. G.H.H. (Mrs)

“I have been in commercial banking for 30 years and have to say your report is almost, if not the, best I have read. Outstanding value for money – and great attention to the small but vital detail”. L.F.

“Many thanks for the report which we consider to be of great value to us and well worth the cost. On studying your report we have decided not to proceed with the purchase due to the fact that you have raised several issues we had not fully considered and others of which we were unaware bearing in mind the asking price of property”. D.B.T.

“We are delighted with the quality and clarity of the report. I am of the opinion that it is easy to make complicated things sound complicated, but much harder to make them sound simple. I am pleased to say that we found your report clear and understandable. In short, we are very pleased with the work that you have done and would certainly recommend you to others in our position”. J.D

“Thank you again for doing such a careful and thorough survey. You have proved the value of spending a few hundred pounds on surveying fees to safeguard our most valuable asset, our future home. The vendor and I had completely missed the wall cracks that you spotted, and would not have appreciated their significance if we had seen them. It was particularly astute of you to also spot the drains problem, and the link between that problem and the cracked walls. The CCTV survey that you recommended showed even more, serious and costly problems, such that we decided not to buy the property. The problems can be solved, but only by spending many thousands of pounds, and enduring much disruption, neither of which we wanted. Please feel free to show his letter to potential clients, and let the doubters be convinced”. P.S. (Dr)

“Just wanted to say thank you again for your words of wisdom and when I rang you about my damp problems last month. Your calming words of advice really put my mind at rest and you were absolutely right in all that you said. I have had a builder in and the house feels entirely different. I am so grateful for your kind advice – I really needed someone who knew what they were talking about when I was reaching panic levels, so thank you so, so much”. R.H. (Miss)

“I engaged Ian Morris to survey two properties I was looking at in the Haute-Garonne and Gers. I was impressed with the thoroughness of Ian’s work and his professionalism throughout, so much so that his work had a key bearing on my decision as to which property to purchase. I would highly recommend Ian Morris to prospective purchasers – while a pre-purchase survey may not be the norm in France, my experience of engaging Ian tells me that it is an essential part of the house buying process.” F.Q. (solicitor)

“Ian was recommended to us as we were looking to buy a property in a different part of France (the Dordogne). Ian was easy to deal with, costs conscious and was prompt in organising the survey for us. He was clear and concise with the results of the survey. With this information we were able to have a builder check the ‘amber’ points and go ahead with the purchase. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to buy in France.” P.D. (solicitor)