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Frequently asked Questions I have been told “people don’t have surveys in France”. Is this true ? It is completely untrue. And anyone telling you that should probably know better. It is true that the French themselves hardly ever commission … Read More

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Professional organisations Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors  Chartered Association of Building Engineers  Compagnie Nationale des Experts Immobiliers  Independent legal advice (French property lawyers based in the UK) Astons, Bury St Edmunds  Buckles Law, Stamford  France Legal, Ipswich  Furley Page, Canterbury … Read More

Diagnostic Reports

Diagnostic Reports Reports currently in the DDT (Dossier de Diagnostic Technique) cover the following areas: Lead A report on the presence, if any, of lead-based paint – only required on properties built prior to 1 January 1949. There is no … Read More

Buying a French Property

Ian Morris is a building surveyor, not a lawyer, so he cannot give you legal advice (you must look elsewhere for that, see below), but hopefully the following summary will be of help The most significant step The most significant … Read More


“I appreciate your prompt response to our need for a survey report. I found your document informative and easy to digest”. S.R.

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Just a few examples of properties surveyed by Ian Morris 

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We respect the privacy of visitors to which is why we are committed to letting you know that cookies on this site do not collect personal information about you. Cookies on this website are solely to enable us to … Read More

Snow in the south of France

It usually hits France, including southern France, in February: They call it “Le Grand Froid”. Temperatures suddenly fall, and the skiers rub their hands with joy as they look towards the Alpes or the Pyrénées. There is always a chance … Read More

Are haunted houses less valuable ?

> Maybe it was a coincidence but The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors put out this press release just 3 days before halloween: Unusual happenings, such as hauntings or reported crimes, can dramatically affect the saleability of a property, according … Read More

Why it pays to have a survey

Press release issued 30 June 2011 by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors For many people, buying a home is one of the biggest decisions they will ever make. However, by failing to commission a survey before purchase, homebuyers across … Read More

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