A British Property Surveyor in France Ian Morris is a UK-qualified building surveyor providing pre-purchase property surveys, and advice on building problems, across the southern half of France. Ian is a fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyor (RICS), a Corporate Building … Read More

More computer viruses ?

Oh dear … or as they say in these parts Ooh la la, la la la la la la ! Once again we seem to have hit the season for virus warnings. This morning I was one of over 50 … Read More

Surveys across France from East to West

>No blog posts for 6 months ! That’s because I was kept very busy through the autumn of 2010, travelling to all points of the compass to carry out pre-purchase surveys for property buyers across the southern half of France. … Read More

Make sure you get the right kind of surveyor in France

>Unlike the word Doctor, or solicitor, there is no restriction on the word Surveyor. Anyone can call themself a Surveyor ! However, Chartered Surveyors, i. e. members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are qualified by examination and … Read More

Surveyors in France: Frequently asked questions

>I’m not too sure whether I need a survey. Is it really necessary ? A pre-purchase survey is not exactly necessary but is probably advisable. Carried out by a properly qualified and experienced surveyor it will identify any problem areas, … Read More

Don’t just take my word for it …

> I’ve lost count of the number of times I have heard it said: “Oh, people don’t have surveys in France.” Well they certainly do, and anyone telling you otherwise should probably know better. It is true the French themselves … Read More

Two new houses with problems.

> Its not just old houses that have problems. Next week I have appointments to inspect two newly built houses, one on the deparment of Aude and one in Gard, where problems in the construction are known to exist. In … Read More

The portcullis was up in Nebian, Herault.

>My latest survey, last week, was of a quaint house directly overlooking the portcullis tower of this ancient fortified village – originally a stronghold of the Knights Templar. I learned that the present portculls, a full-size reproduction of the original, … Read More

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